Monday, September 3, 2012

Holiday Weekend!

Great weekend is coming to an end. I was great on food on  Friday and today so far I'm not bad. but Saturday we were on the boat which meant I drank my calories.  We got there just after 2 and left after 8. We went with friend M and C. And C made sandwiches and I brought cheese, pepperoni and crackers. And that was all I ate plus the beer. We got back to J's house and relaxed a bit and had more cheese and crackers. 
Saw some great clouds and of course a sunset over the lake is gorgeous.

Sunday was J's nephew's birthday party so we had burgers and dogs and lots of food all day. J's sister in law, also a Trader Joes fan like myself made the most amazing chocolate cake (pretty sure it was TJ cake mix) So rich, omg. She used coca-cola instead of other liquids. The cake was cookie shaped. It was awesome. I wish I had gotten a picture. dinner was more burgers and leftovers from the day.

Back at home now, I made some cheese quesadillas and just had some apple crisp I threw together a cuple of apples, walnuts, some brown sugar and GF oats. pretty good. The walnuts turned dark in the cast iron dish but it was pretty good. Oh and I covered with cinnamon. Pretty good, maybe next time I won't use the cast iron. But it was the smallest bake ware dish I had.

Now off to do laundry and lots of ironing. Back to normal business casual . 

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