Wednesday, October 22, 2008

day 5

Day 7 of South Beach.
Down about 5 lbs. I like that. I feel like stomach/waist is smaller which I definitely like.

Today we are on dress down at work aka wear jeans. (Thank you World Series)

The good news:
I HAVE to wear a belt with my jeans. I am using the 4th loop on on my belt.
Previously I would use 3rd loop but often as day wore on and it hurt, I would move to 2nd loop.
I am wearing a t-shirt I haven't worn in awhile. (didn't like how my sides/overflowing stomach looked)

Going to the gym tonight. Yay! Haven't been since saturday. Working 2 jobs makes it hard to hit the gym 3 times a week which is my goal. The next few weeks are crazy but I will just have to make the effort. I nkow the losing inches is due to gym and diet vs. diet alone.

I am in love with Laughing Cow Cheese. So yummy and convient. good with so much, Ham, peperoni, celery!!!

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